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This page is currently a springboard for information concerning all Clénet owners and interested parties, about the wonderful and limited edition cars of the late 1970s and 1980s built by the Clénet Coachworks in Santa Barbara, California.
We thank Alain Clénet for the wonderful design and its production.
In the meantime these cars are classified as Neo-classics.
Clénets are arguably the most beautifully styled and elegant automobile series ever built.
As Alain has also said in an interview in the magazine "Santa Barbara Times" from April 1980:

"Our customers are people who have done something, and they show that they have done something by giving a small gift. Our customers are saying: if I achieved something, then I can show to all the others."

To see a detailed history of Clénet Coachworks, please click on: WikiPedia 

The purpose of this website Clé is that we, as informal and enthusiasts owners of Clénets, can exchange experiences, memories, etc. and at least once a year the chance to organize a meeting in one different European country. 
Our first meeting is expected to take place in 2015 in Austria.  We hope that as many as possible will take this opportunity to participate.
We will announce that information very shortly through the website

On this website Clénet.Org  you will find all related information of Clénets immediately and all interested parties can add photos, movies, and miscellaneous.
This website is intended to share thoughts, experiences, ideas and issues. This site will also give the possibility to promote mutual acquaintance between Clénet holders.

You didn’t register your Clénet yet? Or you know a Clénet owner who is not registered?
Please report this to Tom, our Clénet Coachworks historian in San Diego, United States.

Have a look on Clénet.Org so you can see all what organized in the United States.

With loving Clénet greetings from
Brigitte and Henk Kroell

Clénet Team Europe